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Our E-Lab  Educational Solutions delivers relevant Hardware, content, Software applications and Broadband Internet Access through affordable computing devices , while ensuring that schools and educational institutions receive the training necessary to sustain the Learning Labs.

Educational Solution Platform

Building effective e-learning environments means implementing a robust e-Learning program that includes some or all of the following solution elements and Support Systems.

E-Learning Program Components

Technology – Devices – PC’s laptops, netbooks, tablets, servers, smart phones, iPods* and Network communications computing.

Connectivity – Broadband internet access wired or wireless.

Digital Content – Learning material from the internet, multimedia CD/DVDs, Podcasts or other digital media.

Improved teaching methods include students-centric models, project-based learning, instructional teaching etc. In addition, to ensure effective implementation of the 21st Century learning eco-system it is important to focus on professional development that will help teachers effectively integrate a program with these elements.

As an Intel Authorised Educational Service provider our methodologies and project processes consideration to outside areas that will help to facilitate appropriate implementation, will look at the following support systems.

  • Policy
  • Funding
  • metrics and Assessment
  • Commercial industry partners





Placing mobile at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem

Our mission is to enable access for women and children to essential maternal healthcare through innovative mobile solutions.

Mobile can increase the quality, reduce the cost and extend the reach of healthcare to benefit millions. mHealth services have the potential to generate significant impact by reaching women and children who lack access to essential healthcare and nutritional information. We provide technology solutions for sustainable health services that transform the lives of people in need and promote the wellbeing of mothers and families.

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Fulfilling the socio-economic potential of agriculture using mobile

Our mission is to advance the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry at large through scalable and commercial mobile services.

Nearly 10m people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Mobile is uniquely positioned to deliver the critical agricultural information quickly and affordable financing that rural smallholder farmer need, enabling them to make better informed decisions and investments that boost their productivity and profit.

We design mobile technology solutions that support scalable commercial mobile services that impact smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry at large.

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mMoney – Mobile money & Microfinance Solutions

Accelerating the mobile money ecosystem for the underserved

Our mission is to provide technology solutions in order to increase the utility and sustainability of mobile money services and increase financial inclusion.

Nearly over 8 million people remain unbanked, without access to safe, secure and affordable financial services.  We provide technology solutions by working with mobile operators and financial institutions to create a robust mobile money ecosystem, which will increase the relevancy and utility of these services, and ensure their sustainability through provision of savings products and Microfinance Solutions for the underserved.

To truly transform the financial lives of underserved people, mobile money must become a central monetisation mechanism, universally available across a greater range of digital transactions. By making mobile money more central to the financial lives of these users, greater financial inclusion, economic empowerment and economic growth can be achieved.

Mobile development for Utilities

Our mission is to unlock commercially sustainable business models that leverage mobile to deliver affordable and improved energy, water and sanitation services in Malawi.

In Malawi, many people cannot access basic utility services that are essential to life. The reach of mobile connectivity is greater than the reach of basic utility services, such as electricity and improved water and sanitation services.

Our Mobile for Development in Utilities promotes the use of mobile networks, infrastructure and payment systems to open new pathways for affordable and reliable utility services to reach the underserved. These innovations for service delivery boost industry and economic growth, for example by enabling entrepreneurial phone charging services in remote areas, or reducing water service providers’ losses from water leakage or uncollected bills.