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Sustainability in our DNA

Within the context of supporting healthcare, education, agriculture and social welfare service provisioning – we are pioneering mobile data collection, aggregation and intelligent reporting platforms to improve the delivery of such vital services in rural Africa. It is not only within our social corporate responsibility that our innovation is confined to – we are working to transform healthcare and social welfare support information acquisition and service delivery response systems. We develop solutions in educational services delivery through mobile content distribution and learning systems. In agriculture we aim to close the value chain and eliminate middlemen through intelligent and highly scalable market and agro-products information acquisition and trend analysis for growers and buyers alike.

Taking advantage of the explosive mobile growth and appetite for new value added services by consumers in Mobile Africa and other emerging markets, we have placed a great emphasis in creativity management and innovation through our ingenious brains to give the best, newer telecom solutions and customised content in VAS. We aim to provide truly ground-breaking offerings to Internet and Mobile Users, be it the field of SMS, content, Technology or Enterprise.

Rural Connectivity

Unlocking human potential through the power of mobile internet Our mission is to work with our technology ...


Our e-Lab  Educational Solutions delivers relevant Hardware, content, Software applications and Broadband Internet Access through affordable computing ...


Placing technology at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem Our mission is to enable access for women ...

Rural Connectivity


Fulfilling the socio-economic potential of agriculture using technology Our mission is to advance the productivity and profitability ...