Our E-Lab Educational Solutions deliver relevant Hardware, content, Software applications and Broadband Internet Access through affordable computing devices , while ensuring that schools and educational institutions receive the training necessary to sustain the Learning Labs.

Educational Solution Platform Building effective e-learning environments means implementing a robust e-Learning program that includes some or all of the following solution elements and Support Systems:

  • E-Learning Program Components Technology – Devices – PC’s laptops, netbooks, tablets, servers, smart phones, iPods* and Network communications computing.
  • Connectivity – Broadband internet access wired or wireless.
  • Digital Content – Learning material from the internet, multimedia CD/DVDs, Podcasts or other digital media.
  • Improved teaching methods include students-centric models, project-based learning, instructional teaching etc. In addition, to ensure effective implementation of the 21st Century learning eco-system it is important to focus on professional development that will help teachers effectively integrate a program with these elements.
  • As an Intel Authorised Educational Service provider our methodologies and project processes consideration to outside areas that will help to facilitate appropriate implementation, will look at the following support systems.
  • Commercial industry partners