We are all about people, technology and social empowerment.

√  We know that ICTs are means to an end, not ends in themselves.

ICTs can change lives in simple yet profoundly positive ways. This is especially true in underserved communities where geographic, economic and social isolation contribute to pervasive and persistent poverty.

√  We seek to deliver ICT solutions where commonly off-the-shelf products are not appropriate.

ICTs’ impact depends on an enabling environment that includes complex cultural, social, political and economic factors. To achieve the greatest positive impact, ICT solutions should be adapted for specific needs and environments, not the other way around. And all users, in all parts of the world, deserve access to reliable, energy efficient technologies, as opposed to used, obsolete and all-too-often dysfunctional equipment.

√  We serve organizations that work in underserved communities.

UltiNetS is a social enterprise with a clear social mission – to extend and maximize the impact of ICTs on the lives of those who need them most. We see the beneficiaries of our work as partners in a joint effort to improve quality of life. Our business model, based on both earned income and grant funding, is rooted in our belief that market-based strategies and relationships help to maximize social impact, sustainability and scale by aligning the interests and commitments of all stakeholders.

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