Piloting and Scaling Technology Solutions for Impact

We leverage capital from investors and donors to help take pilots to scale

About Us

As a global society, our ability to effect positive change in our community can no longer be the result of new technologies alone. Instead it will depend on our capacity to place those technologies into the hands of a greater proportion of our community.


We strive to be an ambidextrous organization, able to “explore and exploit”, effectively managing current social business while coping with new future demand


We are continually striving to pioneer new, re-engineered ways of providing existing and future services better


Environmental, Cultural, Social and Economic sustainability is key to our success.

We make networks better.

We are all about people, Technology and social empowerment. UltiNetS design the ultimate transport infrastructure and enabling services for our clients to communicate and transfer technology.

We put people first. People like our customers. We are here to provide all our customers with the best possible service and ensure that they use our technology services to lead a fulfilling Life. Not only can our customers get services, they can also become shareholders and influence the way we operate. We operate in a socially responsible manner.

Services We Provide


Our mission is to enable access for women and children to essential maternal healthcare through innovative mobile solutions. Learn More


Our E-Lab Educational Solutions deliver relevant Hardware, content, Software applications and Broadband Internet Access through affordable computing devices Learn More

Web Technologies

The Internet has resulted in massive increases in corporate profits, and it is impacting the way we live our lives. Learn More


Advancing the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry at large through scalable and commercial mobile services. Learn More

Rural Connectivity

We work with our technology Partners to increase the adoption of the internet for the underserved by tackling key barriers: network coverage, affordability, digital skills and locally relevant content. Learn More