About us


We make networks better. We are all about people, Technology and social empowerment. UltiNetS design the ultimate transport infrastructure and enabling services for our clients to communicate and transfer technology.

We put people first. People like our customers. We are here to provide all our customers with the best possible service and ensure that they use our technology services to lead a fulfilling Life. Not only can our customers get services, they can also become shareholders and influence the way we ran. We operate in a socially responsible manner. We are a social enterprise which means that we believe in the power of creating wealth to bring about social change through Technology and Innovative Solutions. We believe in the power of Digital Inclusion through provision of e-Lab educational programmes that delivers relevant content to schools and educational institutions , Placing mobile at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem , Fulfilling the socio-economic potential of small scale farmers using mobile app solutions, Accelerating the mobile money ecosystem for the underserved through financial inclusion and Microfinance solution..And finally we believe in a connected society by unlocking the human potential through the power of Broadband Internet.

Within the context of supporting healthcare, education, agriculture and social welfare service provisioning – we are pioneering mobile data collection, aggregation and intelligent reporting platforms to improve the delivery of such vital services in rural Africa. It is not only within our social corporate responsibility that our innovation is confined to – we are working to transform healthcare and social welfare support information acquisition and service delivery response systems.
We develop solutions in educational services delivery through mobile content distribution and learning systems. In agriculture we aim to close the value chain and eliminate middlemen through intelligent and highly scalable market and agro-products information acquisition and trend analysis for growers and buyers alike.
Taking advantage of the explosive mobile growth and appetite for new value added services by consumers in Mobile Africa and other emerging markets, we have placed a great emphasise in creativity management and innovation through our ingenious brains to give the best, newer telecom solutions and customised content in VAS. We aim to provide truly ground-breaking offerings to Mobile Users, be it the field of SMS, content, Technology or Enterprise. At the core of the VAS offering we design, integrate, manage and support:

o USSD platform
o SMS gateway
o Voice platform – IVR solutions
o MMS/WAP platform



The Empowerment of Communities by providing Technology Solutions. This entails enabling of People to obtain’ Life Services’ by combining Economic Activity with Community Benefit.

As a global society, our ability to effect positive change in our community can no longer be the result of new technologies alone. Instead it will depend on our capacity to place those technologies into the hands of a greater proportion of our community.
‘Our mission is to effect positive change in our community by placing technologies into the hands of a greater proportion of our society’…through provision of ICT4D Solutions.