In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, efficient network communications are the key to success in many organizations. UltiNetS is a technology driven company with expertise in providing innovative, advanced Internetworking, mobile communication and Web based technology consultancy services and solutions to businesses, communities and individuals.

These real world solutions allow businesses to successfully respond to the constantly increasing demands of the local and global marketplace and capitalize on technological changes that are forever becoming part of our society.

Headquarted in Lilongwe, Malawi "The Warm Heart of Africa", Our executive team has over 20 years in international consulting, ICT outsourcing and managed services. Through their professional participation with leading fortune 500 clients and public instituitions in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, members of our management have made substaintial intellectual contributions to global ICT development while effectively managing complex change.

short for  "Ultimate interNetworking Solutions" design the ultimate transport infrastructure and enabling services for clients to communicate and transfer technology. In other words Internetworking platforms for current and emerging services.