Solar Power Solutions

Worldwide approximately 1,6 billion people have no access to electricity and another 1 billion have extremely  unreliable access and for Malawi case approximately 80%  of the population have no access to reliable electricity. Without ready access to electricity , the poor depend on paraffin/kerosene lanterns, wood or charcoal with serious health repercussions due to fumes and carbon emissions and battery power red means to charge their phones or listening to radio let alone connect to any modern tech device they might have. They can’t break the cycle of poverty because they can’t take advantage of the myriad productive uses of energy.

Access to energy is essential for families or community’s economic livelihood, health, safety, educational achievement and quality of Life.

Our Solar power Technology Solutions aims to improve the lives of  families, communities both in the peri-urban and rural communities in Malawi who live without access to  reliable energy whether be solar kiosks for phone charging, airtime, mobile money, content storage and data connection. We provide distributed affordable energy solutions for households and small businesses in both peri-urban and rural Malawi.

Today the portable solar lightening industry is about the same size as the African mobile phone industry was in the 1990s.