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Our E-Lab Educational Solutions deliver relevant Hardware, content, Software applications and Broadband Internet Access through affordable computing devices , while ensuring that schools and educational institutions receive the training necessary to sustain the Learning Labs.

Educational Solution Platform Building effective e-learning environments means implementing a robust e-Learning program that includes some or all of the following solution elements and Support Systems.
E-Learning Program Components Technology – Devices – PC’s laptops, netbooks, tablets, servers, smart phones, iPods* and Network communications computing.

Connectivity – Broadband internet access wired or wireless.

Digital Content – Learning material from the internet, multimedia CD/DVDs, Podcasts or other digital media.

Improved teaching methods include students-centric models, project-based learning, instructional teaching etc. In addition, to ensure effective implementation of the 21st Century learning eco-system it is important to focus on professional development that will help teachers effectively integrate a program with these elements.

As an Intel Authorised Educational Service provider our methodologies and project processes consideration to outside areas that will help to facilitate appropriate implementation, will look at the following support systems.

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